We answer all your questions

Is it free to view the vehicles on offer?

Yes, it is totally free. You just need to use the search function, find the vehicle you want, and get in touch with the seller.

Is it safe to make the payment to post an ad to sell my car?

Yes, it is totally secure. As we do not use third-party payment systems, you only have to make a wire transfer to the bank account number you will find on the website, stating your upload code that will be given to you after posting the ad; and in less than 48 hours, you will receive confirmation that the content is valid and that the payment has been successfully processed.

How do I pay for the vehicle I want to buy?

Africarsmarket does not charge for the purchase or sale of vehicles, so both the method of payment and the sum will need to be agreed upon by the buyer and the seller.

How can I pay in instalments for the vehicle I want to buy?

The seller will let you know if this option is available. In any case, Africarsmarket works together with the leading website for the sale of financed vehicles. You can contact them to ask for the vehicle you would like to buy and pay for it in instalments. www.carswires.com

If I own a business/dealership, do I get a discount for the number of vehicles I advertise?

Yes, please see the “Rates” section, and if you have any questions, write to us at info@africarsmarket.com and we will inform you about the discount you could benefit from.